Our updated Dual 4 Foot and Dual 8 Foot LED Automatic Cargo Lights are ready to ship and are better then ever!  Now with an even stronger adhesive for mounting the lights and an improved waterproof switch.  

The main disadvantage of conventional pickup box lights is they don’t automatically illuminate the interior of the truck box during loading and unloading of cargo. Furthermore, traditional lights are mounted above the rear window of the cab, where their illumination shines in your eyes, not on the surface of the truck bed, and truck accessories such as tonneau covers can block the light.

4z Products set out to solve these problems, with our automatic cargo light, but we didn’t stop there. We also searched for components that would make it a snap to install with no drilling or special tools, and included an override switch for those times when your tailgate needs to stay open for extended periods of time.

It’s so simple you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it, but once you use it you’ll wonder how you lived without it!



The light is mounted under the bed rail where it will be protected. It mounts using two sided automotive grade foam tape. Most pickups will have an existing hole at this location. The wires and switch will be passed through this hole, behind the taillight and under the vehicle.

The switch is mounted on the side of the tailgate next to the hinge where it is well protected. It is mounted with Industrial strength hook and loop fastener. This way the tailgate can still be removed. 

Just hook up the constant power and ground wires with the included connectors and enjoy seeing your cargo at night.

We ship most orders the same day using USPS Priority Mail®